Charlottesville, VA,The entrance to Starr Hill Brewery in Charlottesville Virginia is very unassuming. However once you step through the door of the old food processing plant where the brewery is located you enter a world where beer is king. Besides the beers being excellent the atmosphere in at the Brewery was amazing. The whole experience was aimed at making you love the brewery. Between the free and unlimited samples to the reasonably priced Starr Hill swag to the tour, there is nothing but good times to be had at the brewery. My only complaint is that as of now the brewery only offers tours and Beer tastings on Saturday between noon and 5pm.

This was the first time I had visited a brewery and was an interesting look at how beer is brewed. The pictures below show the steps it takes to make beer starting with the room full of hops all the way through a series of vats that ends with a couple weeks sitting in a vat of yeast.

Besides the great tour I will also have to say that the beer was great. My personal favorite was the Dark Starr Stout which I feel had more flavor than Guinness. The other beers were also good. Although the Dark Starr Stout was my favorite, I was convinced by my girlfriend to go with a less bold brew, the Amber Ale. Follow the twitter feed for more reviews of the beer

                          Starr Hill Entrance

                              Tasting Room

                        Barley Room  

                           Barley Infusion          
                               Bottling Facility